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Areas of Practice

Trust & Probate Law, Guardianships

Plan now. Worry less later. Andrew Heck can assist you with these important issues which are daunting for some of us to contemplate. If you believe your rights under an existing trust are being breached, you may benefit from reviewing the matter with an attorney to know your rights. If you believe a loved one is in need of a guardianship, taking action to protect that person is an act of compassion. If you believe a loved one is in need of a new guardian, act quickly. We have valuable experience in both trust and probate litigation.

Gun Trusts

Gun laws are a moving target.  A gun trust can simplify things for gun owners.  Andrew Heck can assist you in the creation of a gun trust.  A gun trust will allow you to plan for the lawful transfer of your guns, as the transfer of guns is regulated by both state and federal law.  A trust can protect those who will receive your guns from inadvertently violating federal criminal law.  A gun trust will also provide a benefit now, if desired.  All named trustees may use the guns at any point in time.

Business Matters

For private and non-profit businesses alike, an ounce of prevention outweighs going to court. While our hourly rates are highly competitive, litigation is expensive. Well drafted contracts, with terms that everyone can truly understand, are worth their weight in gold. Knowing your options before you make a decision, especially in the field of employment law, allows for the deployment of a thoughtful plan and for risk to be weighed and balanced on the front end when possible. Where a situation has run its course, and especially where important matters of principle are at stake, then, our proven litigation skills will be put to work. Crystal balls would be great, but in the meantime, we use our years of litigation experience to help others from walking down that road once travelled.

Individuals, Families & Students

Do you believe that you may need to file a lawsuit in order to obtain justice? Do you believe retaining an advocate who knows the law could benefit your student’s ability to receive a fair and appropriate education, fair discipline, or fair treatment at school? Call us to review your matter.

Impartial Investigations

We recognize investigations are time sensitive and will respond to your needs. Lynnette Dinkler is called upon to conduct impartial investigations for schools, municipalities, and businesses. When you find yourself needing detailed conclusions and recommendations on important matters from an experienced third party, call Dinkler Law Office.

Public Agency & State Board Matters

Has your public entity or private business received a notice that it is being investigated by a state or federal agency? Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Ohio Liquor Control Commission, Ohio’s State Employment Relations Board, U.S. Department of Labor, State Medical Board of Ohio, Boards of Realtors, as well as other agencies exist to regulate and enforce compliance. Immediate action is always best when you receive a notice to investigate compliance. As trial attorneys with experience within the government area, we understand how to work within the agency setting to defend your reputation, your policies, your business, and in the case of professional licensure, your profession.

Employment Law

We understand the unique considerations employers and employees face when making employment related decisions. They can be harrowing for both sides. Knowing the lay of the land before making a decision, and weighing the circumstances surrounding the issue you face, as an employer or as an employee, is key. This includes evaluating non-compete agreements and severance agreements.

Dinkler Law Office represents both public and private businesses, and individuals in a variety of disputes. Our experience includes litigation in claims such as breach of contract, and all types of harassment and discrimination claims, such as age, race, and gender. We represent our clients in Ohio state and federal courts, the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and United States Supreme Court, in administrative proceedings conducted before agencies such as the EEOC/OCRC, and other regulatory hearing boards.

Labor Law

Employees want to feel appreciated, be permitted to organize, and face fair discipline. Employers, who value their employees, need to live within a budget (most a balanced budget) and need to operate with a productive and responsive workforce. People on both sides of the table are any organization’s most valuable asset. We approach labor issues aggressively for our clients, and with common sense. It is possible to have negotiations without screaming across the table (which saves money and secures the same result) and grievance hearings that are respectfully conducted.

ERISA Matters

Serving as a fiduciary can be complicated. Not receiving proper protections and benefits as an employee can be devastating. The U.S. Department of Labor has a process available to investigate potential claims. Where not resolved, litigation may ensue. As an employer, you may consider putting insurance in place to help protect your business, the fiduciary, and your employees. We can help you navigate these uncertain waters.

Public Entity Law: Municipalities & Schools

Dinkler Law Office LLC is proud to represent many of Ohio’s public entities, including its municipalities, townships, villages, boards of education, developmental disabilities, and educational service centers, to name a few. We are dedicated to upholding and expanding the protections under the law for Ohio public entities, including statutory immunity under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2744, as well as absolute and qualified immunity in federal court.

We have successfully defended Ohio’s public entities against civil rights claims, such as police brutality and false arrest, free speech, political advocacy, zoning, eminent domain, and separation of church and state constitutional claims. Further, we advise and litigate on behalf of Ohio’s public entities when it comes to state law claims such as school violence, Sunshine Law and public records compliance.

Civil Rights & Constitutional Law

Dinkler Law Office, LLC has extensive experience representing Ohio public entities, particularly law enforcement entities, and elected officials accused of civil rights or employment law violations in Federal and State court. Our attorneys are experienced in defending against a wide range of such claims from excessive force cases against police officers to First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Religion claims. Not all attorneys are experienced in federal practice – we call it home.

Insurance Defense, Coverage & Bad Faith

Insurance policies are contracts between insurers and their insureds and all too often disputes arise over the interpretation of those contracts.  Is there coverage under the contract for certain acts or events?  Does an insurer owe a duty to defend or indemnify an insured against certain claims?  Answering these questions wrong may subject the insurer to a claim of bad faith which often includes claims for punitive damages.

When these disputes arise, we offer a variety of services to our clients including coverage opinions, examinations under oath, and when necessary, declaratory judgment actions to litigate coverage issues.

Appellate Practice

Our representation of our clients does not end in the trial courts. Dinkler Law Office LLC has extensive experience in appellate practice in both state and federal courts. We are licensed in and have practiced before all Ohio courts, as well as the Sixth Circuit. Lynnette Dinkler is licensed in the United States Supreme Court. We have obtained favorable decisions for our clients in numerous appellate districts in Ohio, as well as from the Ohio Supreme Court. We also have obtained favorable decisions for our clients in the Sixth Circuit, and Lynnette Dinkler has successfully litigated a case in the United States Supreme Court.